Find Out How to Beat Hip Pain for Good


As orthopedic surgeons passionate about helping people of all ages get back on their feet and live an active lifestyle, Dr. David MendelsonDr. Jeffrey Mendelson, and Dr. Stephen Mendelson offer this website as a resource for what is and isn’t normal when it comes to hip pain, and what can be done about it. You’ll find valuable information on the following topics:

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New Treatment Options for Hip Pain

For anyone athletic or who wants to be active, nagging pains are annoying. And if it’s mobility-limiting pain, that brings up an even bigger concern. Often, people who have chronic or severe pain may falsely believe:

  • There’s not much that can be done about it
  • It’s just part of getting older
  • They have to live with the pain until they are “old enough” to have a joint replacement
  • The only option is surgery
  • That if surgery is required, they will have a long and painful recovery
  • That they may be limited in athletic activities even after surgery


In reality, early intervention may result in less invasive treatment options as well as better long-term outcomes. By consulting an orthopedic doctor and treating it early, you could be preventing years of unnecessary pain or worse issues down the road.

And if joint replacement is recommended, people with hip pain now benefit from even better technology. Waiting to have a joint replacement had been the standard advice 20 years ago, when the lifespan of the implant was uncertain. But today, with new techniques and materials, joint replacement is available to people as young as their 20s and 30s.